my name is Martin Morávek and I come from Jablonec nad Nisou. I got into photography completely by accident, when I occasionally took a trip with a borrowed camera and the desire to capture something interesting. I took photos of just about everything and gradually found out that each genre has its own specifics and know-how – street photography, architecture, sports, culture, landscape.

I am a photographer specializing in landscape, portrait and interior photography. With every picture I try to bring excellent quality and originality.

My portrait style focuses on revealing the individual’s personality and emotions. I try to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere so that the subject feels natural and is able to show his best side. In the field of interior photography, I try to capture the atmosphere and details that add character and style to any space. And in landscape photography, I focus on beautiful places and moments that are otherwise difficult to capture.

My goal is to create photos that will have lasting value and remind of important moments or beautiful places. In addition, I offer a wide variety of photo paintings for sale that can decorate your homes and workplaces.


  • FSTOPPERS.COM – Photo of the Day (14.03., 21.04., 19.05.)
  • 1x.com – Awarded – Portarits and Landscape photos (link)
  • 17th INTERNATIONAL COLOR AWARDS – Honorable Mention (link)

I recommend these filters for not only landscape photography